Thursday, 9 June 2016

What is a tilt up construction?

Tilt Up Construction Method:

Tilt up construction is cost effective and efficient construction method with a shorter completion period. In tilt up construction, concrete elements are formed horizontally on concrete slab.

Construction companies employ tilt up method due to economic advantage it presents: it combines low cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of deployment, with minimal capital investment.

Effects of earthquakes on buildings made it imperative to use seismic retrofit requirements on new and older buildings. 

Tilt Up Construction

What Tilt up Construction Entails?

A construction project that involve tilt up, the building walls are made by pouring directly, at the site of the job, in large slabs of concretes called tilt up panels, or tilt wall panels. When dried, these panels are then raised to positions around the building perimeters, to form the external walls.

Construction companies use tilt up construction method in building wide range of commercial buildings quickly and at low cost, than what is obtainable when traditional masonry method is used.

In tilt up construction, panels are fabricated directly at the site, which make it cheaper than precast concrete that are fabricated in a controlled environment for consistent quality, insulated panels, and weather protected scheduling. These controlled conditions make precast more expensive than tilt up construction.

Building Process in Tilt up Construction

In construction projects using tilt up construction method, the site must be prepared, while walls are cast-on site on the floor slab, and then tilted up and secured in place to form the external perimeter.

In tilt up buildings, construction companies employ precise engineering, in the creation of tilt up buildings, wall panels must be able to withstand lifting loads, and floor slabs must be able to withstand crane loads during construction.


Tilt up is environmental friendly construction system, the fact that walls are cast on-site, transportation cost are minimized. In tilt up construction, thermal mass of tilt up eliminates the need for insulation.

Tilt up Building Trend

Tilt up is not a new building system, evidence shows it has been in use for more than 100 years. But in recent times is fast becoming more popular due to that fact that is better than masonry buildings in earthquake prone areas.

Construction companies are deploying tilt up structures because is efficient, flexible with high speed of construction, these factors are the main causes of cheaper cost of tilt up construction for masonry system of building.

Tilt up construction system is efficient, cost effective and better method of building in areas prone to earthquakes. Whatever the reason that motivates you to consider tilt up system, be rest assured you will get value for your money.